Hi, I am Dawn Gerrity, and I am a storyteller/photographer.

Random Facts About Me

I live in Milford, Connecticut in a little cottage not far from the beach.

I am a friendly introvert. I really want to be with people and like to be with people, but it can be a challenge for me so I sometimes come across as shy.

I love live plants in my house. Unfortunately, I often forget to water them (or I water them too much) and the only ones that stay alive are the cacti.

I have a lab mix (4 year old) that weighs 85 lbs (ok, so he's 90 lbs. We are working on shedding those extra 5 lbs.--and when I say "we" I mean everyone else except me because I keep filling his bones with peanut butter. If he looked at you with those big eyes you would too!!). Yes, that is one big goofball who loves to "talk", play, and snuggle.

I have many nicknames for my pets. I often refer to our cat Reese as The Purrinator, the little one, and ninja kitty (because he shows up and disappears out of nowhere) and our dog Jax as Jaxxyboy, Wiggie (because he wiggles when happy), and Babykins.

I like to change the furniture around in my house. Often. I've even changed what the rooms are. My bedroom has been in 3 different rooms of my tiny little cape. My poor husband never knows what he is coming home to.

When I walk through stores, I often touch things, especially if they look soft. I just love to touch soft material.

I am a mom of a teenage girl and a twenty-something young man and a step-mom of 2 teenage boys. It's always "interesting" at our house.

I am a person who tends to see the good. Even after seeing the bad, I then try to see the good. Ok, I know, I know--I'm a sucker!


IMAGES 2015, Fairfield, CT (juried show)


Operation Photo Rescue (Digital Retouching Artist)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Digital Retouching Artist)